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Enabling the resilience

Our values and commitments go beyond the bottom line: assuring conscientious consumers that they’re getting a great product, and better outcomes at the clinical, personal, environmental and community level. Recovawear has been designed, tested and retested with clients, allied Health professionals and Clinicians as part of the development process. Recovawear is highly aware of the impact that textiles cause the environment. Recovawear has established a take-make-dispose, circular economy approach to its product ranges. Through a sales and buy-back model and a hiring model, Recovawear is there for when people need it most, more often, to more people. We go to great lengths to reduce harm to planet earth and to protect communities, because making a shirt to help one person shouldn't harm another. Recovawear cares for your recovery, your comfort, and our environment.

About Recovawear

Founded by Penny Weber, Recovawear fills a present day void in the rehabilitation process, offering clothing to the injured and post-surgery patients, providing a solution that is also comfortable, stylish, sustainable adaptive clothing for people with movement limitations, who otherwise find it difficult to dress. Recovawear’s founder and CEO, Penny Weber, has passionately pursued the stylish adaptive clothing market gap for three years with Recovawear, which offers designs to people recovering from injury and/or surgery. The clothes enable dressing without over-extension of injured joints, thus improving the quality of life and autonomy of patients, improving patient experience and reducing reinjury rates associated with tripping. ‍During testing of Recovawear designs, Penny became aware of a large unmet need for attractive, adaptive clothing for people with permanent movement impairment, creating the everyday where for everyone called Wearable and Co. Recovawear was state finalist in the Premier’s Design Awards for 2019 in both Product Design and Fashion Design.


"Penny is passionate about providing assistance to patients recovering from injuries and operations. Ease of use, practicality and patient independence was paramount to Penny when she was designing Recovawear garments"

Dr Ramsay Willmott

"Getting dressed shouldn't be a chore. But when your shoulders and hips go on you, that's exactly what it is. Recovawear helped reduce my pain and gave me back a little of my independence when I really needed it the most."

Nick Parker

"Recovawear made me feel like I didn't have a big "out of order" sign on me. It was one less thing to think about when I was healing. And it helped that I didn't feel like I was walking around in my pyjamas."

Carla Young
Graphic Designer