Purchasing Recovawear Clothing using your NDIS Plan

Recovawear is proud to have been recognised by the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) as an approved supplier of supports. All our clothing range is registered and may be purchased through your plan. Our products are registered under the following categories:

  • 0128 Therapeutic Supports 

  • 0112 Assistive Equip-Recreation 
  • 0103 Assist Prod-Pers Care/Safety

    When you purchase from us, you are fully protected by our Service Agreement, which is detailed below. You are asked to confirm you have read and agreed to this when you check out.

    We want you to be 100% happy with your Recovawear products!

    You may select and buy Recovawear products in one of the following simple ways, depending on how your NDIS funding is managed:

    You are self-managing
    your NDIS plan

    Your NDIS funding is managed through a plan, with the help of a plan manager

    Your NDIS funding is managed through the NDIA (National Disability Insurance Agency)

    Select an item you wish to purchase by clicking on ‘Add to Cart’ (if you wish to continue shopping) or ‘Buy Now’ (if you are ready to pay).

    Ensure you have checked the colour and sizing chart and selected the right combination for you.

    Proceed to checkout by clicking on ‘Buy Now’ OR  ‘View Cart’, followed by ‘Check Out

    Select your payment method and fill in your billing and payment details.

    Click the link to read our service agreement and check the box to say you have read and agreed to its terms.

    Check the box at the top labelled ‘I am NDIS-funded and my plan is managed through a plan manager or by the NDIA’, and wait a moment for the form to refresh.

    Complete all the details requested on the online order form. Without these we cannot successfully claim payment from your plan manager or the NDIA. Take especial care to correctly enter your participant reference or NDIS number, and the contact details of your plan manager (if plan-managed).

    Once payment has been approved, we will ship your product(s) with an invoice and a copy of our service agreement.

    Click the link to read our Service Agreement and check the box to say you have read and agreed to its terms. The Service Agreement sets out our commitment to provide quality products and service, and how we deal with any problems with your order.

    You can then claim back the cost of our products through the NDIS Myplace participant portal.

    We will promptly ship your products and claim the full cost on your behalf, from your plan manager or the NDIA, according to how your funding is managed.

    Enjoy the freedom and comfort of your Recovawear purchases! We hope to see you again in the near future 😃.

    You can rest assured that Recovawear is also doing its bit to save the planet by ensuring your products and our packaging are fully sustainable.


    Recovawear Service Agreement

    This Service Agreement (Agreement) sets out the terms on which we, the Provider (Recovawear Pty Ltd) supply supports to the purchaser (NDIS Participant), in return for payment of the published price. This Agreement will be updated as and when new NDIS requirements come into force.

    1. The Provider (Recovawear), will:
    • Ship the correct ordered goods to the the Participant within a maximum of 5 business days of the order being placed, OR promptly notify the Participant if there is a delay.
    • Keep all pricing, colour, sizing, shipping and other product details correct and up to date on our website and other online portals through which we sell our products. The listed price is the price you pay. All prices are inclusive of any GST.
    • Ensure all shipped products are properly packaged and are in good order when they leave our warehouse, together with an invoice sufficient for claiming a refund via the NDIA website, and a copy of this agreement.
    • Promptly e-mail you to tell you your order has been shipped. We’ll include any tracking details and when you can expect to receive your products (although once the package has been shipped we have no control on when and how it gets to you).
    • Claim payment for your order from your plan manager or the NDIA if you are NDIS funded and not self-managing your fund.


    1. The purchaser (NDIS Participant), will:
    • Take care to choose appropriate colours, sizes and types of products at the time of ordering.
    • Pay the listed price at the time of purchase, if self-managed.
    • Provide correct and full details as requested on the online check out form to enable Recovawear to claim back the price of the items you have ordered.
    • Promptly notify Recovawear by e-mail (info@recovawear.com) or phone (1300 893 826) if you realise the details you entered at the time of ordering are incorrect, or if any changes occur after ordering (for instance, your plan is cancelled, you start a new plan, change plan manager, or anything else that will affect Recovawear’s ability to claim payment for your order).
    1. Feedback and Complaints

    Should you have any problems at all with your order, either at the time of ordering, regarding a delay in receiving your order or when your product(s) arrived, please contact us promptly by e-mail (info@recovawear.com), phone (1300 893 826) or letter:

    Recovawear Pty Ltd
    PO Box 401
    VIC 3072

    NDIS Provider reference: 4-EXOFFVV

    ABN: 91 639 103 950 


    Our friendly staff will do their best to assist you. You can read our full Complaints Management and Resolution Policy by clicking this link. The document provides details on how to take your complaint further if you are in any way dissatisfied by our response.


    Service Agreement last updated: 4 August 2020