What makes the products special or different?

Recovawear has been designed to wrap around the injuries, reducing dressing difficulties, hyperextension, strain, reinjury and tripping. There are easy access tabs to help you and any helpers know where the openings are but discrete enough so that it can remain our secret. They are super soft, comfortable, easy to use, extremely practical and help to give you the confidence to get back to what you are good at… being you. 

Our soft, comfortable products are designed for your own personal recovery experience. 

What proof is that that the products work?

We have completed rigorous testing in rehabilitation hospitals, post-surgery situations, with people with long term injuries and in everyday life. We are pleased to announce that you can safely leave hospital, go to rehab, go shopping, go out for dinner, feel supported and fashionable.

In short, the clothes will be up to almost all of the activities that you feel up to doing.

Can I put them in the washing machine and dryer?

Yes, the Recovawear range will last and work longer if washed in cold water on gentle settings and line dried. If line drying isn’t an option, an air-dry setting or low heat setting works just fine too.

Where are the products sourced?

We design the clothes in Australia, put them through rigorous testing before having them lovingly made with our friends in Cambodia. They are made in keeping with the highest ethical and sustainability practices and we offset the shipping with Greenfleet.

Recovawear has reusable and compostable packaging where possible.

I have finished using my product, what can I do with it?

Recovawear is a part of the circular economy. We offer a gift voucher of 20% of the purchase price upon return of a reusable product and 10% for a product that has been well loved & truly put through its paces.  This discount can also be transferred for another person, if required.

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Working Together

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Bulk orders

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