Recovawear welcomes the opportunity to trial new and current ranges at your facility.

Recovawear is an adaptive clothing company founded with the purpose of improving patient experience, recovery and the return to ‘everyday’ life. We help the injured with getting on with it.

Inspired by the founder's experience of recovering from serious injury, the brand’s focus on patient dignity and participation in the recovery process in-builds new wellbeing research, that represents a fresh approach to rehabilitation. 

If you've ever put on a surgical gown, you'll know that medical clothing is badly designed, ugly and embarrassing. It requires two free hands, dexterity (or someone else) to tie, and leaves your bits exposed. 

The current range doubles as ordinary activewear for men, women and teens, and includes t-shirts, polo shirts, casual pants and boxers in a variety of sizes and colours. It’s targeted at shoulder reconstructions and injuries, arm injuries, neck or hip injuries.

We welcome expressions of interest from clinicians and researchers: 

Recovawear is clinically designed and tested to allow easy access to pain sites, be easily used with knee braces, moon boots and plaster casts, and to reduce re-injury and tripping hazards, as it is so simple to put on.

Recovawear consumers are patients in recovery in clinical and home-based settings, who want to get back to normal. We are committed to researching our current and future designs in as many settings as possible.

Being Melbourne-designed and owned, Recovawear continues the city’s legacy of world leading innovation in bio-medicine. 

For more information about opportunities to partner with Recovawear in a clinical trial, with either our current or future designs, please contact us. We are committed to providing excellent products for the highest standard of clinical care, and research is integral to our mission.

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