Make Your Post-surgical Life Easier With Iron-on Pockets

For those of us with limited mobility, getting dressed can sometimes be a challenge. It’s hard enough just to put on clothes, let alone carry around small items like wallets or keys. But with Iron-on Pockets by recovawear, you can make dressing easier and more stylish at the same time! These pockets help you add extra storage space for small items that can be placed in strategic areas that are easier for you to reach. Let’s dive deeper into what this product has to offer and how it can help those who are experiencing temporary or long term limited mobility issues.

What is an Adaptive Iron-on Pocket?

An Iron-on Pocket is a pocket that attaches directly to any piece of clothing with the use of an iron. They come in various sizes and shapes, so you can find one that fits your needs perfectly. To attach it to your clothing, simply place the pocket in the desired location, cover it with a cloth, and press down with a hot iron for 30 seconds. It’s just that easy!

How Does an Adative Iron-On Pocket Work?

The pocket itself is made out of a lightweight and breathable material that easily attaches to any fabric using an iron-on adhesive backing. To apply an Iron on Pocket, all you have to do is position it onto your garment, cover it with a pressing cloth (such as cotton), and press down firmly with an iron set at medium heat. The whole process should only take about 10 minutes! And once the pocket is applied, you won’t even know it was there—it won’t interfere with your movement or comfort level at all!

Why should you buy the Adaptive Iron-On Pockets?

For those experiencing temporary or long term limited mobility issues, having access to additional storage space can be invaluable when trying to remain independent. With our new range of Iron-on Pockets from recovawear, you can easily add this convenience without sacrificing style! Simply place the pocket by one of our signature adaptive clothing pieces where it’s easier for you to reach and enjoy the added benefits it provides! Try out our Iron-on Pockets today and experience firsthand how much easier they make life!