Recovawear -improving Health Outcomes

  • We are excited about helping people to achieve better health outcomes, comfort and respect throughout their injury process.
  • Each item has gone through rigorous testing, iterations and trials to make it the best it can be for your usage
  • We tested the products in the 'everyday' environments not just in a hospital
  • Ethically and Sustainably produced
  • Recovawear believes that helping one person shouldn’t be at the harm of another which is why we have implemented Ethical and sustainable practices within our supply chain to best of our ability and knowledge. For those who are looking for more information on the impact of textiles, feel free to delve further here

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Referral Program

Recovawear is excited to announce that it is offering referral discounts for all Allied Health, Medical Professionals and Rehab centres. Just email us, and we will create a personalised business discount code for you and your clients.


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