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Sofie's Story

T Shirt for Grandma

I met Penny from Recovawear when my grandma was 94 and living with me at the time, and I started helping her with showers. Every time she was dressing she would say ‘no, no, no, I can’t lift my arm, slow down, slow down!’ and I thought I wonder if I could try the Recovawear t-shirt on her? So I bought one and I tried it on my grandma and it was just easier. I just knew it was easier to dress her and there was no ‘slow down, it hurts, don’t!’. 

The Recovawear T-shirt isn’t for old people in particular, but it works! When you can see an old person, and she’s having a shower and she’s like ‘no, no, no, slow down, it hurts!’ and then you pop it on and she says NOTHING – she’s not saying ‘its great!’ but the fact that she’s not saying anything at all, and you’re not listening to someone in pain, it’s a win. 

When someone stops saying ‘it hurts’, they don’t have to say ‘its better because of this T-shirt’. When you hear it’s not an issue to get someone dressed, that’s louder than any marketing campaign to me. Silence is good when you’re in pain, rather than moaning.

T Shirt for Frozen Shoulder Pain 

And then I got a frozen shoulder, so I started wearing the Recovawear T-shirt myself. I thought ‘I hate changing to go the gym and those gym clothes are so tight. I thought there’s no way I can get my shoulder in, but I need to go to the gym for my recovery, and I thought ‘Hold on a minute, I’m going to use grandmas top’.

It hurt more at the end of the day with the frozen shoulder, so being able to rip the T-shirt off quickly was a bonus. Penny was telling me about the Recovawear for injuries, but they make sense for anyone who can’t get dressed or just doesn’t want to go through that pain. Its only momentary, the pain, but when I go to bed at night and I think of having to take off this jumper I’ve got today for example, its really wide and it gives me enough room to slip it off the shoulder, to try to avoid that pain.  

The T-shirt just relieves the pain. You know you’ve got pain when you have to try and put on clothes and to know that you can change an outfit to go to the gym and not be in pain, it’s a relief. You don’t have to raise your arm. It just pops in easily.”

The only alternative is deal with the pain and go up bigger clothing sizes so the armhole is down to your waist to be able to pop your arm in, but that doesn’t work at the gym.

I got basic black, it works for me, the cut’s nice, it worked for me for the gym and it worked for my grandma. The feel of the cotton is beautiful, its really nice and you just have to take it and compare it to anything in your wardrobe and its up there. It is beautiful and soft.

Recovawear for Looking After Kids with Pain and Injuries

I’m always recommending these clothes to everyone - I gave a T-shirt to my neighbor the other day. And I was thinking, I wish it was around when my kids were little and I had to deal with a broken arm, a broken leg. You know when they’re little and they cant move. Recovawear would just make your job as a mother easier.

Also, I tell anyone who’s looking after older people that the products will help them too, they take away a lot of pain and discomfort.

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