During the post-surgery recovery process, everyday tasks we do every day may become a challenge.

Even something as simple as dressing yourself in the morning was a challenge Andy faced when he was recovering from his shoulder surgery earlier this year.

Meet Andy

Andy is a photographer, living an active lifestyle, in Bondi Beach. As a photographer, he understands the importance of smooth and seamless mobility both for the best angles and everyday endeavours.

The pain Andy had to cope with during the post-surgery recovery process

In the first first few days after his surgery, Andy experienced a fair amount of pain and felt some anxiety about getting dressed in the morning.

His limited movement and need for an arm sling, made dressing on his own really difficult.

What solution Recovawear brought to the table to relieve pain

When a friend of his heard about his shoulder operation and the challenges he was facing, she sent him a couple of recovawear Side Opening T-shirt’s.

The side opening on the t-shirt made it easy for Andy to dress on his own, without moving his shoulder – so pain free.

The bonus for Andy has been that the recovawear t-shirt’s are not only comfortable to wear but look great too! They fit in with the style of his everyday clothes and he told us he was surprised at how discrete the side opening is.

How Recovawear’s Side Opening T-shirt served as a tremendous help for Andy during the post-surgery recovery process

Andy told us “recovawear’s Side Opening T-shirt was so easy to put on and take off on my own!”.

He elaborated that the innovative opening has been easy to use, “With discrete side openings and magnet fastenings, which easily finds their matching partners with no thought or effort from me.”

The high-quality fabric was so comfortable and soft to the skin that during the rest of the recovery process, recovawear’s Side Opening T-shirt became an everyday staple for Andy.

With a great-looking T-shirt that is overall a great fit, Andy could do his rehabilitation exercises and get out and about with more ease.

Reflecting on his recovery experience, he believes that recovawear’s Side Opening T-shirt has been a tremendous help. He reiterated that “I cannot recommend recovawear’s Side Opening T-shirt enough.”

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