Why Dressing for Surgery Is a Big Deal

Why Dressing for Surgery Is a Big Deal

Some of the main reasons to choose your surgery clothes carefully is to prevent infections, save time, and stay comfortable throughout the process. Imagine the struggle of taking off complicated clothes to get you in that hospital gown. Keeping your outfit simple helps avoid delaying your surgery.

What to Wear to Surgery

  • Relaxed and comfortable attire like jogging sweatpants or yoga pants to guarantee unrestricted mobility, taking into consideration the location of your incision – for instance, shorts are ideal for knee surgery. 
  • Shirts or blouses with buttons in the front that are easy to put on and close. 
  • Cotton underwear with a loose, comfortable waistband. If you wear a bra, choose one that’s comfortable and easy to put on and take off
  • Slip-on shoes that are hassle-free to handle. Closed-toe shoes are ideal to ensure foot protection during the surgery and the recovery phase

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What NOT to Wear to Surgery

  • Tight clothing that might result in post-surgery discomfort
  • Underwire bras, which can can irritate incisions, increase pain, and restrict healing
  • Sandals or flip-flops to prevent accidentally slipping
  • Jewelry, as it increases the risk of surgical site infection as well as skin trauma and irritation
  • Any makeup or nail polish before heading to the hospital. The anesthesiologist must observe your skin and nail color throughout the surgical procedure.

Clothing in the Recovery Room

After your surgery, they'll keep a close eye on you in the recovery room until they think you're good to go to your actual hospital room. How long you'll stay in the recovery area depends on stuff like how complex your surgery was, how your body reacts to the treatment, and how healthy you are in general.

In some hospitals, they might keep you around until you can show you can totally handle things like taking care of yourself and changing your bandages on your own. 

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