Why Dressing for Surgery Is a Big Deal
Some of the main reasons to choose your surgery clothes carefully is to prevent infections, save time, and stay comfortable throughout the process. Imagine the struggle of taking off complicated clothes to get you in that hospital gown. Keeping your outfit simple helps avoid delaying your surgery.
Preventing Reinjury: Developing Body Awareness During Recovery
One of the problems many recovering patients face is the risk of re-injury. Once you wake up from that surgery and need to change into regular clothes, you’ll find that getting dressed with limited mobility isn’t as easy and can be uncomfortable or painful. Take moments during your therapy sessions and rest periods to observe what your body is telling you. Are you experiencing tension or relaxation? Are you breathing properly or holding your breath? Do you feel any discomfort or pain? How is your posture?
Revolutionising Patient Recovery: The Benefits of Adaptive Clothing Over Traditional Hospital Gowns

Many patients go into the hospital already anticipating anxiety and potential humiliation. They expect to be asked to wear a gown that leaves them exposed, made of uncomfortable, scratchy fabric that may even be see-through. Allowing patients to wear adaptive clothing of their choice is consistent with the principles of patient-centered care for several reasons.

How can a T-shirt can be a life-changing experience?
What is the ‘true cost’ of clothing, and what are the unique benefits of recovawear’s award-winning designs? recovawear aligns itself with the vision of a circular economy for the textile industry, centering manufacturing around fair wages, sustainable production and zero waste. Because making clothing to help someone shouldn’t harm another.
How to Care for Your Adaptive Clothing: Sustainability Tips on World Environment Day
According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), almost 90% of the energy consumed while washing clothes goes toward heating the water. By switching to cold water, you can save energy, reduce your carbon footprint, and prolong the lifespan of your clothing. Always read and follow the care instructions of clothes, especially if they use special materials.
Navigating the Physical, Emotional, and Mental Rollercoaster of Recovery
Recovering from an injury or illness can be a tough journey, both physically and mentally. It's a process that often requires a lot of patience, effort, and support. In this blog post, we'll explore how physical injury and mental health are linked, and provide tips on how to take care of yourself while recovering.
Getting Back to Being Active
Injury recovery can be a challenging process, not only physically but mentally as well. Adaptive clothing, like Recovawear, can make a significant difference in improving one's physical and emotional well-being during rehabilitation.
Advocating for responsible consumption and production with recovawear
Clothing manufacturing is the second most polluting industry worldwide, responsible for deforestation and water contamination and affecting an already delicate balance between humankind and its ecosystem. According to Green America, it’s responsible for 20% of industrial water pollution and emits...
Innovation helped my recovery from surgery

These challenges led me to consider the incredible resilience of people living with disability who are constantly confronted with barriers. My first-hand experience helped me gain a greater understanding for one small part of inaccessibility in the world. What’s amazing is that there are so many people out there looking to make the world more accessible and inclusive.

Recovawear is an adaptive clothing line that helps you regain some independence during your recovery. Now for the folks at home – next time you’re getting dressed, try to put pants on with a straight leg to see what it's like. Penny was kind enough to send me some pants and underwear and these products definitely made it easier and less painful to get changed with a straight leg. Safe to say, I have never been more excited to receive clothes in the mail.

What is Exercise Physiology and is it for me?
Exercise Physiology relies on the principle that exercise can be used as medicine. Exercise has been shown to speed recovery, prevent injury and promote improved health and wellness for a range of diseases and conditions, including osteoporosis, diabetes, and depression. Exercise Physiology can also be used for fitness conditioning for athletes.
Meet the Dream Team
Meet the Dream Team:  In August 2020 Recovawear spoke with three of our fabulous fashion industry interns, all studying a Bachelor of Applied Business (Fashion Marketing) at Collarts, about what they love about Recovawear, what they might change in the...
What is Prehab?
Whether you are pre or post-op, using exercise to generally maintain or improve your joint and muscle function is scientifically proven to be effective. You may want to think about what you wear to sessions. Look for easy to wear adaptive clothing that helps you move freely but wont risk re-injury. Look for women’s or men’s adaptive pants, tops, even boxers. Fashionable and stylish adaptive clothing for men and women has become increasingly available, whether it’s post knee surgery pants or tops for shoulder surgery. 
Pt 3 - Festival Knee
Part 3 ‘Where was Recovawear when I needed it After Surgery?’ Written by Alicia Brown and edited by Samantha Deasy ‘Good knee’ my arse. Recovery was hard. Post-surgery, I was able to start using crutches and became more mobile, but...
Part 2 -Festival knee by Alicia Brown
The knee is the largest and most complex joint in the body and the most commonly injured by adolescent athletes. Apparently, our gift as hunters is our endurance, not our ability to sprint, so while I ceased to run track after high school, it is not shocking that six years of competitive sprinting took 
The story of the Music Festival Knee by Alicia Brown
It was the summer of 2013 and things had taken a turn. After three days of dancing and dehydration at the Meredith Music Festival in country Victoria, I came back to Melbourne tired and dusty, only to land myself in the ER trying to get out of a chair. My knee had locked up again, and I knew this time was different. It was completely stuck, with pain so intense that it was hard to breath. I couldn’t dangle my knee, as with it being ‘locked up’, the traction was excruciating. I was totally immobile. When the ambulance came, it took 20 minutes (and lots of screaming) just to get me onto the stretcher. 
Recovawear Case Study
Products which enhance recovery, minimise reinjury and provide psychological support for families really makes a difference to patients well-being. Speeding up recovery time, helping people return to work, reducing the costs of care and improving self-esteem doesn’t just benefit patients -  it also matters to their families and treating professionals.
Rehabilitation Therapies

Take charge of your body and be proactive to ensure thorough rehabilitation. It is in your best interest to be an informed patient. Medical research has proven techniques such as music, meditation, and visualization can aid in reducing pain and complications from surgery. Alternative therapies have been used for years but only in recent times has data been analyzed for postoperative benefits.

Helpful hints on how to get through your post-operative rehab process
There are many reasons to have surgery. Some surgeries are life-saving, others are looking to help diagnose a medical problem or repair a painful condition.