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Getting Back to Being Active

“How adaptive clothing can help boost both physical and emotional well-being during the injury recovery period”


Ever had trouble getting your arm into a sleeve? Or pulling a t-shirt over your head? You're not alone, given that 5% of Australian patients (equalling to 39,350) experience some form of re-injury. 

So, you can only imagine the mental and physical stress one's body encounters through the rehabilitation period, this is where adaptive clothing can boost one's physical and emotional well-being, as well as giving back a level of independence that might have been lost through the injury.

You get given a wide range of equipment or products when recovering from an injury, such as walkers and crutches. So why not clothing? Getting dressed is an essential part of a person's everyday life, so how come clothing isn’t an essential product given to you in your recovery period. This is where Recovawear comes in.


Well let me break it down for you;

Let's say you have an injury in your collar bone, shoulder, back or hip, and your having trouble getting dressed in a basic top as it’s hard to pull over your head or put your arm through the sleeve; Or let's say you're having trouble going to the toilet or undressing for an appointment. And you think maybe I'll wear a button up shirt or I'll wear a pad just in case I don’t make it to the toilet in time.

But you find you either just don’t want to wear a formal shirt to brunch with your friend Sally, or you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation where you can’t change your pad due to unseen circumstances.


This is where adaptive clothing features come to the rescue or aka recovawear. Our clothes have open velcro and magnet seams at the main pressure points; under the arm, on the shoulder and down the legs. 

These seams are designed to minimise movement to your injury whilst dressing so it's easy for you to slide on the clothes, so it helps you put your arm through the sleeve, or go to the toilet without fully taking off your pants. So you CAN have the correct dress code for brunch with Sally.

Adaptive features don’t just boost physical well-being but also emotional. Being able to easily dress YOURSELF in comfortable and fashionable clothes enhances the feeling of independence and reduces care cost and support needs. Just listen to one of our customers. 

“If it wasn’t for recovawear, I would have needed to remove my pants completely in order to be treated with acupuncture, ultrasound and massage. The recovawear unisex pants were very comfortable to wear and looked great too. The stretch in the material allowed me to pull the pant leg up, rather  than undress at all of my appointments”


Adaptive clothing understands you’ve been through a lot, and you’ve had a village of support along the way, but now you need some independence and control back in your life, in order to get back to your LIFE. It's hard, we know. Injury, recovery the whole ordeal is an enormous strain on both the physical and emotional well-being. Let us, at Recovawear, help you. 

Now tell us, would these clothes help you? No actually tell us, because we’d love to hear from you.