Recovawear - Improving Patient Outcomes

Osteopath, Dr Ramsay Willmott

Recovawear helps prevent re-injury and over-extension through easy to use openings. 

  • Evidence shows that 5% of Australians who undergo orthopaedic surgery experience post-operative re-injury. 
  • Recovawear is designed to potentially reduce re-injury rates due to tripping and hyper-extension of the injury.

Recovawear aids access to the wound site improving the patient experience of doctors and rehab appointments.

  • At Recovawear we’re motivated by our biggest goals: patient agency, better clinical outcomes, and sustainability.
  • Our values permeate our supply chain, our product range and underpin everything we do. If it isn’t win-win-win, we don’t do it.
  • Recovawear wraps around injury and wound sites, allowing fast and easy access for clinicians, when and where it’s needed, whilst preserving patient agency and dignity;
  • Each item in our range has undergone rigorous testing, iterations and trials in clinical environments to make it the best it can be for users. 
  • Our magnetised fasteners limit the range of movement needed to get dressed and undressed independently. Stitches stay in place; toilet accidents become a thing of the past; re-injury risks reduce.
  • The products are stylish as well as practical. Recovawear looks like ordinary activewear. Anyone can wear it, and no one would ever know that it isn’t regular gym gear or street clothes.
  • We are excited to help people to achieve better health outcomes. Recovawear delivers independence, dignity and comfort throughout the recovery process. The product replaces purpose-purchased, improvised, oversized High street fashion – the kind that creates a trip hazard.
  • We tested the products in 'everyday' environments, not just in a hospital. The range doubles as ordinary activewear, increasing patient compliance and reducing medical and textile waste.
  • Our products are Fair Trade manufactured and ethically and sustainably produced. Once the item wears out, patients can return it to us for recycling into a new product.
  • Helping one person shouldn’t come at the cost of harm to another. It’s why we adopted ethical and sustainable practices wherever we can across our supply chain. More about that here.


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Referral Program
Recovawear is excited to announce that it is offering referral discounts for all Allied Health, Medical Professionals and Rehab centres. Just email us, and we will create a personalised business discount code for you and your clients.
Feel free to enquire about Bulk pricing using the Wholesale link. 

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