Pt 3 - Festival Knee - recovawear

Pt 3 - Festival Knee

Part 3 ‘Where was Recovawear when I needed it After Surgery?’

Written by Alicia Brown and edited by Samantha Deasy

‘Good knee’ my arse. Recovery was hard. Post-surgery, I was able to start using crutches and became more mobile, but I had a long road ahead of PT.

I thought I’d never run or do yoga again. However, as many people recovering from surgery can attest to, there’s commonly that a-ha! moment. That one where you engage in a favourite sport or activity without once noticing your injury, and then realise after the fact that you made it over the hump.

For me it was after a yoga class about eight months later, when I was finally able to do child’s pose with BOTH KNEES fully bent and zero pain. Someone asked me as I was leaving the studio which knee I’d injured, and for a moment I didn’t know which one.

But during those immediate four to six weeks post-surgery, the very act of dressing myself was extremely tedious. Where was Recovawear when I needed it? Putting on a pair of pants was a slow and painful experience. Looking back, if I had known about Recovawear during this period, I would have avoided hours of unnecessary pain, anxiety and fear about falling and re-injuring myself. I would have been able to maintain a greater measure of independence too. I still made it, but it would have been much less stressful with Recovawear!