How can a T-shirt can be a life-changing experience? - recovawear

How can a T-shirt can be a life-changing experience?

What is the ‘true cost’ of clothing, and what are the unique benefits of recovawear’s award-winning designs? 

How does recovawear speed your recovery, keep you independent and ready for anything, and support your mental and emotional health during a challenging time?



The last twenty years have seen all of us get used to the price tag of cheap, disposable clothing while ignoring its costs. Good On You give a good breakdown of where the costs of an ethical item of clothing actually go. 

recovawear aligns itself with the vision of a circular economy for the textile industry, centering manufacturing around fair wages, sustainable production and zero waste. Because making clothing to help someone shouldn’t harm another.

By comparison, that $6 t-shirt costs too much.



Dressing and undressing can cause post-op stitches to tear, ligaments to overstretch, wounds to re-open and healing to be slowed. You risk needing further procedures, you may delay re-entering the workforce, you may double your recovery time. You don’t want to be planning for less work and more treatment costs while you are in recovery.

recovawear has been uniquely designed for pre and post-op pain and immobility. There is simply nothing else like it. Adaptive clothing designed to double as contemporary everyday wear, it is a patented recipient of numerous design awards, and is registered with the NDIS.

Featuring invisible Velcro and magnet fastenings that wrap around the site of injury, it’s been rigorously hospital tested and re-tested. Seam-free and tag-free for zero irritation, it improves recovery times and scar healing, and reduces torn stitches.



Patients in recovawear are cleared to leave hospital sooner, because of their immediate capacity to look after themselves. 



That oversized $6 t-shirt can’t take you many places, let alone on a date. You want to be ready for anything during your recovery period - at least 4-6 weeks, perhaps much longer. 


recovawear’s contemporary street-style designs can take you anywhere. All items are ethically sourced, sustainably produced and made with high quality, durable, organic cotton. Dress it up, dress it down, off you go. You won’t be agonising, quite literally, over what to wear out of the house. 



Every minute you’re in pain feels like things may never get back to normal. Patients using recovawear love that they can quickly re-enter their day-to-day life, while feeling less anxious about their re-injury vs recovery prospects. 



If you want to look and feel good, take part in your daily activities, avoid re-injury and all the extra costs that come with it - and support the development of sustainable clothing - then you’ll be grateful that recovawear is there for you when you need it.


Your successful recovery, with independence and style, are our primary goals. So you can quickly get back to what you love doing, better than ever.