Advocating for responsible consumption and production with recovawear - recovawear

Advocating for responsible consumption and production with recovawear

Clothing manufacturing is the second most polluting industry worldwide, responsible for deforestation and water contamination and affecting an already delicate balance between humankind and its ecosystem. According to Green America, it’s responsible for 20% of industrial water pollution and emits 10% of global carbon emissions alone. Understanding how the fashion industry can diminish its harmful effects requires immediate and proactive action-- ethical outsourcing and fair trade are only some of the solutions recovawear has taken to embrace the circular economy approach fully.

Revolutionising the wardrobe with the circular fashion movement

Recovawear’s Adaptive Clothing aims to support and care for the patient’s recovery and comfort. At the same time, these products are conceived and manufactured within a holistic approach to ethical clothing. We achieve this by offering comfortable, accessible clothing items for anyone suffering from limited mobility regardless of their identity made out of cotton jersey remnants as the primary resource. However, this is only one part of our compromise with the circular fashion movement. 

We have embraced sustainable fashion values from the very start because we know how the true cost of a t-shirt affects countless lives and our planet. Sweatshops are one of the biggest issues in the fashion industry, employing people in inhumane conditions with miserable wages. That’s why recovawear has a circular production model that employs people from diverse backgrounds in dignified labour conditions, ensuring that every single item we sell partakes in an ethical, sustainable system. Clients can adhere to the business and social impact pillars embraced by recovawear by preferring ethical fashion and actively engaging in other responsible practices. It’s arguably the best decision for the environment and your money. 

Sustainability and fair trade: values we deeply resonate with

recovawear carries the Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA) label, which certifies that we take great care into ensuring that all of the people involved in our production are protected by the legally stated wage rates and labour conditions as a minimum. This also includes our outsourced actors in Cambodia, ensuring an ethical and sustainable supply chain all the way through. Accredited labelling helps the consumer make a better decision on the type of product they purchase-- people are more aware than ever of a company’s social values and their level of commitment to responsible production. 

Our relationship with ethical clothing also considers how we think of our products once they’re in the patient’s hands. Once the item wears out, patients can return it to us for recycling into a new product, saving costs and decreasing their carbon footprint.  recovawear is always thinking of different ways to promote responsible consumption and lead the change towards a better future. For that, we thrive on offering inclusive clothing to fill a need for many people in Australia and worldwide. As part of that mission, teaching our audiences about our products and listening to their experiences is an invaluable process that allows us to continue growing and tweaking what we do. 

Recovering from injuries or surgeries can be a positive and life-affirming journey if given the right tools to thrive. We’re always updating our adapting clothing range, so be sure to subscribe to our newsletter(at the bottom of the page) to never miss any news from us!