Most Stylish & Functional Adaptive Wear Brand 2022


Regardless of the severity or nature of a procedure, there is always a period of recovery and adjustment following surgery. Most are impatient to get back to their day-to-day as soon as possible, and Recovawear’s line of ‘adaptive clothing’ can help. The organisation strictly focused on getting people out of their hospital gowns and onto the road to recovery.

A story that begins with patients

The Recovawear team has heard many stories of patients who have injured their immobilised joints post-surgery getting into their everyday clothing reinjuring themselves.

The team knows that one of the most challenging areas for patients is the energy required to have a shower and get dressed. It can often be taken for granted how much motion and energy those activities take. As such, the core ethos of Recovawear is to create a line that is easy to put on and take off, helping to normalise the process of dressing again – whilst still maintaining impeccable style to suit fashion sense.

Recovawear’s focus is to help people get up and out of their hospital gowns and straight to the things they love doing. It works collaboratively with healthcare professionals to ensure that its products meet the incredibly high standards required for those with acute circumstances.

Who is Recovawear?

Designed in Australia, Recovawear is an organisation responsible for an ‘adaptable clothing line.’ Its items and outfits are explicitly designed for people recovering post-surgery or with limited mobility, disabilities, or other related circumstances.

Recovawear’s products are designed specifically around the hip, shoulder, and knee areas. They also aid with mobility after injuries, reconstructions, or other maladies. Each item carefully wraps around a wound or injury site to allow easy access by clinicians whilst ensuring the site is not aggravated, or the patient’s motion isn’t limited – striking the perfect balance between care and comfort. They are not only designed to be unobtrusive and to ensure they do not further aggravate the recovering areas, but they also work to assist with recovery on a physical and psychological level.

Why choose Recovawear?

Circumstances like these are what Recovawear has been working with medical professionals to alleviate. Its team aids patients and nurses in hospitals, allowing faster dressing time and more independence for the patient. Additionally, it protects the patient’s privacy and dignity by looking like stylish and comfortable everyday clothing.

Less time required per patient and manual handling in the dressing routine equals a better patient outcome for everybody. Recovawear doesn’t just help the people wearing its clothing but also the people around them. By giving its customers the ability to gain further independence and confidence.

Beyond its registration in Australia as a therapeutic good, Recovawear was also a part of a breast cancer study in Singapore – studying the low mobility in women post-mastectomy. It is an incredibly adaptive brand that offers an incredible quality of life increases for those for which it is designed.

Recovawear’s award for Most Stylish & Functional Adaptive Wear Brand 2022 is well warranted and its continued application of top-tier clothing to encourage physical recovery and the improvement of mental health during that period is appreciated.

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