Adaptive Apparel for Upper Limb Injuries | Traina T-Shirt By Recovawear

For those living with shoulder reconstructions and upper limb injuries, dressing and undressing can be a difficult task. But thanks to the Recovawear Traina T-Shirt, those with such disabilities now have an easy and comfortable way of putting on their clothes each day. Let’s take a look at why this adaptive apparel is so revolutionary.

Designed With Comfort in Mind

The Recovawear Traina T-shirt is designed to provide comfort while making dressing easier for those with arm injuries. It is made from soft touch cotton jersey made from ethically sourced remnant materials, and features flat seams to reduce irritation. In addition, there are no tags on the shirt for even more comfort and convenience.

Adaptive Features to Reduce Pain

The Recovawear Traina has several special features that make it an ideal option for those dealing with arm injuries or limited mobility. It is reversible so it can be worn comfortably on either the right or left side. There are also combination velcro and magnetic fastenings that make opening and closing the shirt easy and efficient. And best of all, these features remain invisible when the shirt is worn closed so you don’t have to sacrifice style for function!

Who Should Consider Wearing This Shirt?

This shirt is ideal for anyone who has experienced a shoulder reconstruction or upper limb injury that limits their mobility when dressing themselves. It was also designed with neck injuries in mind as it allows people to easily slip their arms into the sleeves without having to raise their arms above their head--something which can be challenging or even painful depending on your injury or condition. It's important to note that this shirt contains magnets which may interfere with some medical devices so please consult your medical professional before wearing it.