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Clinic Pack #1 deposit - recovawear

Clinic Pack #1 deposit

Clinic Packs Collection by recovawear

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Give your patients more reasons to smile.. 

Become a reseller of Recovawear with the clinic pack

Containing a sample of each of our award winning staple products

  • the T-shirt,
  • Polo shirt,
  • Pants and
  • then infamous Boxer shorts
  • Pamphlets, posters, magnets
  • An affiliate link with your branding included in the URL


  • The option to personalise the products with the your business logo (additional cost of printing applies)

Use them around the clinic and show clients how they can be used to minimise their pain of dressing

The deposit for $50 is to secure your clinic pack for delivery in late June2021. 


Sign up for our affiliate program here and earn commission every time one of your patients purchases AND

Provide the best possible service for your clients and help them get back to their normal