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Join us for a webinar hosted by Recovawear on the topic of a organised response to rehab and rehabilitation

Join Recovawear and our expert panelists as we take a thorough analysis into the world of applying an organised response to injury recovery.

As the field of rehab and rehabilitation continues to develop, medical professionals have realised the importance of adopting a organised response to injury recovery.

So what is an organised response?

What does each step entail?

What are some of the crucial details that we should be on the lookout for?

Join us and our panel of experts as we take a thorough analysis into the newest trends in rehabilitation, gain more insights into the organised response approach, and have all of your burning questions on the topic answered by our panel. 

Meet our Panelists: 

Lincoln Dacy 

Lincoln Dacy is the Founder of XCLR8 Technologies. He believes digital health healthcare and remote patient monitoring are the future of the healthcare industry. Connecting patients to rehabilitation remotely will become the new norm. 

During his travels he realised there was a great need to provide access to affordable physical rehabilitation services to many people around SEA. This gave him the idea to use his engineering knowledge to develop Rebee a product that allows patients to access affordable physiotherapy remotely.

Rebecca Scott

Rebecca Scott has a background as an Occupational Therapist and is the founder of Disability Tech Start Up, Eazilee, which delivers trusted, authentic reviews of Assistive Technology (A.T) from the adaptive community. 

Eazilee brings together makers, consumers and health professionals to share their knowledge of A.T and to provide increased awareness of new and emerging prototypes to ensure that users have access to the right technology to conquer any dream or challenge.


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Date and Time: May 21st 12pm to 1pm AEST


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