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Rehabilitation should be a
positive experience

Helps prevent

Recovawear's unique openings and fastenings allows easy access to the injury, helping to prevent over stretching and re-injury to the wound and limbs. For shoulder reconstructions, this means that when it counts the most, the rotator cuff can remain immobile while dressing.

  • Less pain
  • Faster dressing
  • Independence & dignity
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Simple and adaptive

Recovawear is designed to help you feel better, whilst you do your best to get better. Adaptivewear doesn't have to feel like hospital garments. Look good and feel good, whilst looking after yourself.

  • Modern styling
  • Adaptive designs
  • Feel like yourself again
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Less pain,
more healing

Who doesn't want a pair of boxers that can be stripped off with ease? We understand that the last thing you want to be doing whilst recovering, is getting tangled up in everyday clothes. All our garments are designed with you in mind. Be gentle on yourself and give yourself the best possible chance of healing.

  • Convenient openings
  • Easy access
  • Magnetic fastenings
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Feel normal again, sooner

When you feel normal, recovery time is quicker. We've created a pair of pants that not only look great and feel comfortable but they're also designed to help you feel more confident.

  • Flexible
  • Non restrictive
  • Perfect for watching netflix
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