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Our values and commitments go beyond the bottom line: assuring conscientious consumers that they’re getting a great product and better outcomes at the personal, clinical, community and environmental level.
Encourages self-dressing and autonomy

Recovawear encourages Independence and self-dressing, helping people with returning to their everyday faster.

  • increases clinical compliance, minimising movement whilst making dressing easier, reducing re-injury.
  • supports injured people to get dressed and undressed, without over-extension or assistance.

Prehab, rehab or management of injury.

Recovawear creates better patient outcomes, reduces re-injury rates, makes for faster dressing, and supports people throughout their unique recovery experience. We back up our belief in Recovawear's ability to improve patient outcomes with a 30 day, 100% money-back guarantee.



Recovawear vs normal T-shirt

Painful dressing can slow recovery time and affects the patient's ability to function in the world. Recovawear provides easy dressing solutions without compromising style.


Osteopath, Dr Ramsay Willmott

Recovawear helps prevent re-injury and over-extension through easy to use openings. 

  • Evidence shows that 5% of Australians who undergo orthopaedic surgery experience post-operative re-injury.
  • Recovawear is designed to potentially reduce re-injury rates due to tripping and hyper-extension of the injury.

Recovawear aids access to the wound site improving the patient experience of doctors and rehab appointments.