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Enabling the resilience we were all born with

We all know someone who has been in hospital at some stage of our lives. Would it surprise you to find out that these people generally don’t like hospital gowns? Probably not. How about patients finding the transition from gown to their own clothes hard, painful and sometimes damaging to their injury? This is the problem Recovawear is solving: The transition from hospital to home life.

About Recovawear

We believe that rehabilitation should be a positive experience, supported by an empathetic community. Recovawear helps post-surgical patients regain their independence and confidence by providing great looking adaptive clothing for effective recovery.

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"Penny is passionate about providing assistance to patients recovering from injuries and operations. Ease of use, practicality and patient independence was paramount to Penny when she was designing Recovawear garments"

Dr Ramsay Willmott


"Getting dressed shouldn't be a chore. But when your shoulders and hips go on you, that's exactly what it is. Recovawear helped reduce my pain and gave me back a little of my independence when I really needed it the most."

Nick Parker


"Recovawear made me feel like I didn't have a big "out of order" sign on me. It was one less thing to think about when I was healing. And it helped that I didn't feel like I was walking around in my pyjamas."

Carla Young

Graphic Designer

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